Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Highlights from the Richmond debate tournament

Thomas and his partner, Joe, came in 3rd place in the debate rounds.

The first day the teams debated in 5 rounds and 1 speech round. By round 5 they were dead on their feet. Day 2 brought 2 more debate rounds and 2 speech rounds. Thomas and Joe were in the hidden semi finals. Though they lost, it was still exciting and they finished third.
Thomas came in 3rd in impromptu.

Each individual speech was given three different times over the 2 days before a total of 9 judges. Thomas gave his memorized 8 minute long advocacy speech on why HID headlights should be banned. Anna spoke about the evils of the chemical Roundup on crops. Both gave impromptu speeches on the following topics:
1. one candle can light another without losing any of its own light
2. you can tell someone's true character by the way he treats those who can offer him nothing
3. you can learn more from a bad harvest than from a good harvest.

2 minutes of prep time is taken prior to the alloted 5 minutes speech. Usually they would give 3 examples to prove their position such as a literature, a historical, or current event example. Anna found that Pride and Prejudice examples are quite useful and can be applied to almost any topic. As a novice (first year debater), Anna did very well and has caught the debate "bug".

Thomas also spoke in the apologetics impromptu speeches and addressed such questions as:
1. how can you believe the Bible is true if it contains so many inaccuracies?
2. how can you believe the Bible is the Word of God if it is written by men?
3. is the Bible a mystical fairy tale or historically accurate?

1st place in advocacy speech

The Richmond debate club (RADIX)

Philip participated in the JV/Junior speech events for ages 12 and under. He memorized an apologetics speech, 7 minutes long on the topic, what makes Christianity different from other religions. He also spoke three times in the impromptu event (3 min prep time/3 minute speech) on such topics as: what are the most important things your grandparents have taught you, who's the most successful person you know, what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

In between events, time was spent playing games

Waiting in the hallway for the next person to go in.

2nd place apologetics

1st place impromptu

A fun time was had by all. So much so that we went to the Fayetteville, NC tournament in March. Debate/speech has been life changing. It's a subject that integrates so many aspects of school (language, history, government, research, Bible, science) and makes school more meaningful and interesting besides the obvious benefits of learning to articulate their faith. I don't have to tell Thomas to work on debate. Rather I am often heard saying "no more debate til calculus is done!"


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