Friday, August 21, 2009

Teen Camp

Greetings people of the Internet, last week all three of us kids went to our church’s teen camp. This was probably Thomas' last year to go before he would be too old. So we decided we should all go with him. We got there Sunday afternoon and left Saturday morning.
7:00 am was rise and shine then we had our morning devotions.(At the waterfront they had some benches so that's where I did my devotions most of the time)

After devotions we had breakfast which was always delicious.After breakfast we would clean our cabins. Then we would have our first Bible study. After our first Bible study we had an hour of free time to play ping-pong, air hockey, phoos ball, basketball (which I did most of the time), volley ball, soccer, football, or fishing.

(You can click on the picture to enlarge it)

After free time we’d have our second Bible study, then lunch.

After lunch we would go and have activities for about three or four hours. Like a giant swing, Archery, rock wall climbing, kayaking, sailing, and a high ropes course including a tight wire and a big zip line,

Me (Philip) shooting a bow and arrow.

Thomas on the rock wall.

They had two sides, a easy side and a hard side. The hard side (shown here) had a bulge at the top so you had to do a pull up to reach the top.

The giant "V-Swing" they called it because it looks like a V.

People on the ground had to pull you up with a rope. After pulling on the rope all day everybody's hands were red and blistered.

Anna in a harness.

Here is a video of me on the V-Swing.

Me about to step on the high wire thinking "This is crazy."

"This is still crazy" 8-O.

Here is a video of Thomas on the zipline.

After activities we had an hour and a half of more free time then dinner. After dinner we had an hour of swim time. Then our third Bible study, night devotions were we talked about the day and what we learned about it, an hour of free time to get ready for bed then lights out at 11:00 pm. After lights out there was always talking, but the councilors hushed us, so then we came up with the idea to get in bed at 10:30 so we could talk till 11:00 then at lights out we had gotten all of our talking out.

the last couple days it thundered during swim time so we couldn’t swim, instead we played a lot of fun games inside, and lots of great fellowship with one another and making new friends.

It was raining so much that it made these huge puddle you could wade in :D.

I thought this cedar tree looked cool with all it's knots.

Group photo.


Broody Buffy

A lot has happened since our first egg. We're getting over a dozen eggs a day now and having a hard time keeping up with the supply. I bake with them often, and Dad has started selling dozens of them at his work. Something else exciting has happened though, one of our "Buffingtons" has decided she wants to be a mother =) She just made up her little birdy mind to hatch some chicks. Staying in her favorite box even while the others went outside to forage and up to roost for the night. Since our eggs seem to be fertile we're letting her have a go at hatching a clutch of hybrid chicks. She's separated from the others sitting on 8 eggs in an old moving box. She seems very determined and has been sitting for four days straight now sixteen more to go. Because this is everyones first time, chances are high that the eggs will not develop or something will go wrong, like the hen reconsidering her committment to motherhood, getting off the nest, and leaving the eggs to die. Even if everything goes according to plan we are going on vacation the day before the "due date" =( Tonight we're going to candle the eggs, that is shine a bright light through the shell to see if there's development. Here are pics of a few of our male ducks who are now sporting their shiny green feathers.