Friday, June 26, 2009

First egg!!!

Today we got our first egg!! It's very small as you can see. After a few months ,hopefully, they will grow into jumbo sized grade A's. I found it stuffed in a corner of their coop this morning. Maybe tomorrow there will be another one or two or three...or four :O ( okay so maybe I'm being a little optimistic =)
God bless

Monday, June 22, 2009


It is business as usual in the unknown future. On the highway everyone is just driving along, intent on getting to their appointment on time, or just concentrating on staying awake. Suddenly without warning a Hummer swerves out of control straight into a hapless Smart car. Fortunately the driver of the Scion xB behind them was paying attention and managed to skid to a stop without damage.The driver of the Smart car stumbles out holding his head, meanwhile there is no movement inside the Hummer...The Scion driver runs to help those who might be in the overturned Hummer, while the man in the passenger dials 911 as he goes to assist the victim in the Smart car.
To his surprise and horror, only the clothes of what must be assumed to have belonged to the driver, are to be found in the overturned car.
"There... Theres NO DRIVER! Dial 911!!"

"911 what is your emergency?"
"There's been an accident, one of the drivers seems to have a concussion, the.. the other driver is gone.."
"Ok try to relax sir, what do you mean gone?"
"He's just gone! There's no blood.. NOTHING! He's just GONE!"
"Okay sir we will get there as soon as we can..."
"We need help NOW!"
"I understand sir, but we... 'yes Chief it's another one'... sir please understand we are being overwhelmed with similar calls as we speak..."

dun dun dun duum


So since my temple is finished, I again wanted to build something Biblical, but on a MUCH smaller scale. I decided on the rapture, when Jesus comes back for all the Christians, because I had wanted to make a foray into building an apocalypse type scene, and it might as well be Bible based right? Having watched the Left Behind movies, I did base some of this off a particular car wreck sequence in the first movie, soon after the rapture. I had wanted to put a plane crashing into the trees (the pilot having been raptured), but it proved to difficult. It is just frightening how much destruction will occur in those moments, the countless car wrecks, and all the airliners with Christian pilots, thinking about it makes me VERY glad that I won't be here when it happens.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jojo and the ducks

This video shows just how much the ducks have grown. (They’re bigger than the chickens) They love roaming around outside and swimming in their pool, even though it’s not as spacious as it first seemed =(.

(Jojo's fro has grown considerably in the front, but the back is sadly bald from the hens constant plucking, I think they're just jealous ;)

Once a week we empty the pool and use the potent mixture on the chicken garden (corn, pumpkins, and sunflowers) I used to recruit my understandably reluctant brothers to help me form a bucket brigade, but then discovered the miracle of the siphon =). Now I can siphon the whole pool down to the garden without hauling a single bucket.
The big ducks have since been combined with the chickens and get along about as good as can be expected. After the first few days of annoyed squawks and quawks they seemed to have agreed to disagree. We are expecting eggs from the chickens in a few more weeks, hopefully by the end of June, and are mulling ( I like that word =) over the design and whereabouts of the nesting boxes.

Here’s a pic of Daphne the duck and the 3 little tractor supply ducklings in the pool before we emptied it. I know the water looks gross but it takes a long time to fill and the ducks don’t seem to mind:/


The regular baseball season ended a couple of days ago. I got to play first base, center field, and pitcher. One game I threw a one hitter with eight strikeouts. I also hit an inside the park home run and my first ever over the fence home run while the bases were loaded which makes it a grand slam :D! My dad had just bought me a new bat for my birthday that he had researched a lot on. At my next game I said a little prayer that the Lord would give me the strength to get a good hit or get on base and He did! On the very first pitch, I hit it over the center field fence. At the end of the season they had a mini tournament (the reason I say “mini” is because there where only three teams). We got into the championship and won it by the slaughter rule. The next day the coach called me and said that I had made not one but two all star teams! I made a 10-11 year old team that start playing the 26th of this month and, an 11-12 year old team that play sometime in August. I am so excited because I get to play more baseball.


Monday, June 8, 2009


Since the invention of airplanes and the ability to strap an ever increasing array of weaponry wherever possible, there has been what is known as the dogfight. However I think calling it a hummingbirdfight instead of a dogfight would be more appropriate.
click to view video.
In contrast to the blistering speed and intensity of the hummingbirdfight featured in the above video, two of the adversaries were eventually able to agree on a (very) temporary truce, and were content to sit on opposite sides of the feeder at the same time!! :o Eventually the dinner rush ended and the feeder was left alone for the night.

By holding the button part way down I found I was better able to snap pictures of them as they were buzzing around. Hummingbirds have got to be on the top ten for worst posers. >:-(

This is either a female, or an adolescent male... my guess is a female. Here is a good view of the "ruby" throat.
We used to name the hummingbirds ( red neck, red beard, red baron, spot, etc.) but I can't tell the difference anymore.So if I hadn't been taking the pictures, I wouldn't be able to tell this bird...and this bird are the same.
The Guardian.

This a perch just above the feeder, giving whichever hummingbird is currently king of the feeder, the perfect ambush position.

Well as always I hope I haven't bored you, I also thank and applaud that you have taken the time and brain cells to read this never ending post full of half-intelligent jokes and attempts at humor, ramblings and so forth.