Friday, July 17, 2009

wisdom teeth

Yes, it had to happen at some point, the final four teeth have been extricated from my mouth, and placed who knows where(they didn't give them to me).
In the lobby I studied physics, since I'm still behind from moving, for maybe ten minutes, that wasn't too bad. Then they took me into my room and I got to sit in the operating chair for another ten minutes, this time without my physics book so I was "forced," to watch Regis Philbin on the 30" HD TV conveniently mounted on the wall in front of me (insurance dollars at work). All the while listening to that little machine beep every two seconds to signify that my heart was in fact beating.
Then they finally came in gave me a bib, set up all the tools I assume they used, and gave me a shot, my last thought was,"Wow I'm not out yet..."and that's the last I remember. I woke up in a black recliner I had never seen before, and somehow walked to the car under my own power. A couple power naps later, and I was pretty much normal except for the ice pack wrapped around my face, and my inability to eat popcorn. Now two days later I'm here still with an ice wrapped around my face, still unable to eat popcorn, and hoping I haven't bored anyone to death with this post.

So I made you read all of that to say, my wisdom teeth are out, and I am fine. :-)