Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Garage

One the most recent things that has been going on here is that we are getting an attached, single story, three car garage built.

I will show you some pictures of it in different stages of being built.

This is our house before they started the construction.Then they laid down the foundation. They had to take out some of our sidewalk because it was hanging out too far(notice the pieces of cement in the picture).

After that they laid down the bricks.
Then it snowed. So they had to shovel all of it out (phew).

The first walls.

The beginning of the roof.

Then they put the particle wood on.
The inside.

Then came the shingles.And finally the siding.

Now our house looks much longer :) .

When it snowed I took some pictures of these ginormous icicles that were under our deck.
A ruler for scale :O .

I measured it and it came to a little over two feet.

--Philip :)


  1. Philip, That is onee LONG icicle!!
    Is the garage all for cars or are you going to use some of it for something else?
    See you at scouts on monday!


  2. Wow! I didn't know about your garage construction! And those icicles are absolutely humongous (sp?)!!

    See you tonight!
    Kimber :)

  3. We want to use the garage for our cars, go-kart, and maybe the tractor. But the tractor might not fit. We might just leave one of our cars out so we can put other stuff in like a ping pong table or chicks if we have any. So instead of having the chicks stinking up the bathroom in the house they can stay in the garage.


  4. What are your chickens going to think of that Philip? Moving from a nice, warm house to a garage?
    See you soon!

  5. Well not the adult chickens the chicks that we are going to get. And they should still be warm if we put the heat lamp out there.